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Lat/Lon:-28, 153.43
Current time:4:03 am
Time Zone ID:Australia/Brisbane
Time Zone:(UTC+10:00) Brisbane
Sunrise:4:43 am
Sunset:6:28 pm

Today's Weather

Weather is Patchy rain possible Weather today in Gold Coast will be patchy rain possible. The daytime temperature is going to reach 22.7 °c and the temperature is going to dip to 19.6 °c at night. We expect around 1.2 mm of precipitation to fall, the humidity will be around 69%.

Tomorrow Weather

Weather is Heavy rainGold Coast weather tomorrow is forecasted to be heavy rain. We expect around 78.2 mm of precipitation to fall. The daytime temperature will be around 18.0 °c and the temperature is going to dip to 17.0 °c at night. The humidity will be 89%.

10 Day Weather Forecast

WeatherPatchy rain possibleHeavy rainModerate rainPatchy rain possibleCloudyModerate rainHeavy rainModerate rainSunnyPatchy rain possible
Wind36.7 kmph42.8 kmph40.0 kmph31.3 kmph24.1 kmph31.7 kmph40.7 kmph25.2 kmph13.3 kmph37.1 kmph
Precip1.20 mm78.20 mm8.30 mm0.70 mm0.10 mm7.30 mm164.40 mm7.40 mm0.00 mm0.80 mm
Sunrise04:42 AM04:42 AM04:42 AM04:42 AM04:42 AM04:42 AM04:42 AM04:42 AM04:42 AM04:42 AM
Sunset06:27 PM06:28 PM06:29 PM06:30 PM06:31 PM06:31 PM06:32 PM06:33 PM06:33 PM06:34 PM
Moonrise10:53 AM11:57 AM12:57 PM01:56 PM02:54 PM03:52 PM04:50 PM05:49 PM06:46 PM07:42 PM
MoonsetNo moonset12:22 AM12:56 AM01:28 AM01:59 AM02:30 AM03:03 AM03:40 AM04:20 AM05:05 AM
PhaseFirst QuarterFirst QuarterFirst QuarterFirst QuarterWaxing GibbousWaxing GibbousWaxing GibbousWaxing GibbousFull MoonFull Moon

Extended Gold Coast weather forecast.

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